Month: January 2015

#50startups: PulsedLight Helps Drones Fly Safely

Bend-based PulsedLight’s first product is LIDAR-Lite, a small sensor that makes high performance distance measurements at low cost. If you’ve heard of LIDAR before (it’s short for “light radar,” a method of measuring distance by illuminating a target and analyzing the reflection), it might have been as the robust mapping sensor on the top of Google’s self driving cars that cost as much as the car itself, or as an often used tool at NASA.

BendTECH Construction

BendTECH Prepares for Grand Opening

Construction is wrapping up at 1001 SW Emkay and all offices in our new coworking space are fully booked. We are excited to announce our move-in date of Feb 16, and a grand opening party to be scheduled soon thereafter.

Join The GIF Renaissance with ScaleHouse and Caldera’s Workshop

One of the oldest image formats on the web, and the subject of pronunciation controversy, the GIF is enjoying a renaissance in our meme-fueled internet culture. ScaleHouse and Caldera are hosting a workshop January 24th, so you can join in on the fun, be as hip as John Boehner channeling Taylor Swift, join the leagues of Benedict Cumberbatch fans, or make masterpieces like this.