Month: April 2015

Weekly Jobs Round-Up: Manzama, Odysys, Five Talent and BendBroadband Want You

Not to nag, but have you ever thought about getting a job? Kidding. Unless you’re my brother. Kidding again! However, the fact remains that our jobs board floweth over with tech job goodness. And whether you have a job and want a new one, you’re looking to move here or maybe you even telecommute from here, but want something local … there are things happening. Which is why I’m presenting our first-ever jobs round-up. Here’s a look at who is hiring for tech/startup jobs in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Land of mountains and rivers of beer. Where everyone is happy and super tall (it’s true) …

#50startups: Party Gorilla Helps You Find the Fun

Alex Eakin, founder of Party Gorilla, has always traveled a lot for work. He often finds himself in new cities, looking for a restaurant or bar that offers a good vibe and lively crowd in addition to great food and drinks. Sure, there’s apps that review restaurants and others that tell you the nearest happy hour. But Eakin realized he wanted a real-time assessment of the fun being had at any given establishment. That idea was the beginning of Party Gorilla, an app that tells you where everyone is hanging out right now. BendTECH sat down with Eakin last week to learn more about Party Gorilla, what it does and … why a gorilla.