Month: May 2015

Weekly Jobs Roundup: Kollective, LeadMethod and TechSoft 3D

Bend tech companies are on the hunt this week, looking for a range of talent from developers and technical writers to marketing staff and finance executives. So if you’re considering a change, looking for a job or know someone who is, look no further.

Here is the weekly jobs roundup:

Kollective Technology


TechSoft 3D

Arrow Solutions Group

#50startups: CodePen Creates Community for Front-End Developers

The co-founders of CodePen started their community for front-end web developers as a side project: They wanted a site that let them share their work with others, but still retain control of the code they wrote. Three years later, the site they built over a weekend has become a full-fledged business, offering free and paid features to its more than 260,000 users, garnering 3.3 million unique visitors monthly and hosting meetups around the country. BendTECH sat down with co-founder and Bendite Tim Sabat to learn more about CodePen, the community they’ve created and what the future may hold for this startup.

Startup: CodePen
Started: 2012
Located: Bend; Wisconsin; Florida
Founders: Tim Sabat; Chris Coyier; Alex Vasquez

What is CodePen? We describe it as a community for front-end web developers. It’s a portfolio site where people can edit and share their latest work as well as give and get feedback. That’s the free version. With CodePen Pro you can also collaborate in real time. For example, up to six developers can edit a document together simultaneously, whether in the same room or across the country. In addition, we have a feature for professors that allows a group of students to follow you in real time as you write and edit code. Other features like Live View allow you to edit a document and see it on multiple devices at the same time, which eases cross-device testing. The list goes on, but those are the high points.

Bay Area-based Biome Analytics Expands in Bend

Biome Analytics, a Sausalito, Calif.-based biotech company, is opening a Bend office and looking for clinical data scientists and analysts to work right here in sunny Central Oregon.

Founded three years ago, Biome Analytics creates targeted software apps that analyze hospital data regarding cardiac services to find improvement opportunities, potential cost savings and more.

Most of the company’s dozen employees are currently in California. However, Biome’s Chief Product Officer David Winter has lived in Bend for eight years and is keenly interested in expanding Biome’s presence here. The company is also currently fundraising.

“I think we can have more autonomy (in Bend),” Winter says. “I’ve worked in Portland and Seattle, and I think we have more going for us. It’s more collaborative in Bend, there’s a lot of passion and loyalty for (entrepreneurs) building a company here.”

#50startups: Zero Transform, Indie Virtual Reality Game Studio

Have you ever met someone for coffee and suddenly found yourself wearing a pair of Oculus virtual reality goggles? And then you’re flying through space dodging space rocks and making embarrassing “whoa” noises but you don’t care because you’re flying! If that doesn’t happen to you, then you probably need to have coffee with Justin Moravetz, founder of Bend-based Zero Transform.

An alum of Sony’s game development studio here, Moravetz’s bootstrapped company is behind two VR games, Proton Pulse and Vanguard V. BendTECH talked with Moravetz about his passion for virtual reality, the popularity of the games he’s made and the future of his startup.

Startup: Zero Transform
Founded: 2014
Employees: 6
Location: Bend

Why did you leave Sony to start Zero Transform? My two passions are virtual reality and game development. I spent the last 9.5 years making games for Playstation, but I wanted to create a content studio that focuses on making brilliant virtual reality content. This is the evolution of gaming. VR is projected to be a $30 billion industry by 2020 and just under half of that market is VR game content. It’s exciting times for a game developer in VR. And though my experience is primarily in games, VR can help people in so many situations where they want to escape but they can’t. It can give patients in the hospital a chance to be somewhere else or let a person exercising compete with friends or say travel to the top of a volcano

Weekly Jobs Roundup! TechSoft 3D, Arrow Solutions and More

Happy Thursday to the best blog readers ever. Did you know that studies show that our readers are actually better at reading than other blog readers? It’s a fact. Now are any of you looking for a job? If so, we have a little something special just for you.

Here’s a look at tech/startups hiring in Central Oregon:

TechSoft 3D

Arrow Solutions Group


Visit our jobs page for even more job posting. And employers, post your jobs here to reach a targeted pool of above-average talent.

#50startups Catch Up: Look Who Is Fundraising, Hiring, Demo-ing and More!

We’ve got several great #50startups lined up, but we wanted to take a minute and catch up with some of the startups we’ve previously interviewed. Here’s some news from around Central Oregon startupland, including hirings, job openings, pitching, fundraising and more. And more. 

Stridebox, a subscription box service for runners, has hired five employees in the past six months. Onboard Dynamics was psyched to hire its first full-time mechanical engineer in April. The Handsel, an app that makes it easier to buy, sell and swap on Facebook, will be presenting at next week’s Pub Talk. You can still buy tickets.

Next Odysys, a Bend-based company that provides reservation and marketing software for boutique hotels, continues to hire. The company is looking for an inside sales executive as well as three developers.

Hydaway Bottle Ends Kickstarter with $263k, Still Taking Pre-Orders

Just in case you missed it, Niki Singlaub, founder of the Hydaway Bottle really, truly killed (in a good way) Kickstarter. His fundraising campaign for a collapsible water bottle ended Friday with $263,086 in total from 5,783 backers. Singlaub had set the campaign’s goal of $20,000 and did a lot of preparation to ensure he got there. 

He got off to a great start, meeting his goal within the first 27 hours. And then things really took off, thanks in part to some great media and of course super enthusiastic supporters (just take a gander at the comments section of the Hydaway Kickstarter).

Less than 1% of Kickstarter projects launched last year raised more than $100,000, according to Kickstarter’s own statistics. It was fun to watch a campaign take off and we’ll keep you posted on Hydaway’s (one of our #50startups) growth. For those who missed the campaign, but still want a Hydaway Bottle, the website is taking pre-orders.

TEDxBendWomen Agenda is Here, Tix On Sale Friday

By Moe Carrick and Rane Johnson-Stempson

Living in Central Oregon we see every day amazing women who are making a difference in our local community and around the world often without recognition, press, or visibility. TEDxBendWomen provides a forum for local women to tell their stories, while also helping attendees engage with one another to start conversations about ideas that matter. In addition, women lead busy lives leading organizations, raising families, giving to their local community that they rarely do something for themselves. On May 30, TEDxBendWomen will  honor the amazing women in our community working for change with a day of inspiration, networking, celebration, connection, and fun.

As the co-chairs for TEDxBendWomen, we are excited to see our second TEDxBendWomen event come together. In April, we had over 60 speaker suggestions of great women in Central Oregon with powerful ideas and stories to share. We have landed on five speakers, two musical debuts, a lively panel, and a little poetry to provoke thought and inspiration. In addition, to the amazing performance line-up, we have over 20 Central Oregon women artist displaying their art during  the event. The day will be engaging and interactive with discussions, networking and activities for attendees.