Month: May 2015

#50startups: CodePen Creates Community for Front-End Developers

The co-founders of CodePen started their community for front-end web developers as a side project: They wanted a site that let them share their work with others, but still retain control of the code they wrote. Three years later, the site they built over a weekend has become a full-fledged business, offering free and paid features to its more than 260,000 users, garnering 3.3 million unique visitors monthly and hosting meetups around the country. BendTECH sat down with co-founder and Bendite Tim Sabat to learn more about CodePen, the community they’ve created and what the future may hold for this startup.

#50startups: Zero Transform, Indie Virtual Reality Game Studio

Have you ever met someone for coffee and suddenly found yourself wearing a pair of Oculus virtual reality goggles? And then you’re flying through space dodging space rocks and making embarrassing “whoa” noises but you don’t care because you’re flying! If that doesn’t happen to you, then you probably need to have coffee with Justin Moravetz, founder of Bend-based Zero Transform.