Month: June 2015

Oregon House Bill 2275

Sign This Petition to Support Oregon Startup Infrastructure Bill

We are entrepreneurs. We are investors. We are mentors. And we are employees. We are Oregonians. And we are those who recognize the unique opportunity that now stands before this incredible state. Together, we have actively supported and contributed to the growing momentum of Oregon’s nascent startup community — and the sustainable increase in economic development it portends.

#50startups: Nacho Cove Aims to Tame Corporate Email

Chris Perret is no stranger to solving IT problems that vex major corporations as they try to keep pace with technology. He headed up the first mobile and automotive division of Wind River, which was later acquired by Intel. He founded one of the first Mobile App Management providers, which was purchased by Symantec within 18 months. And now, with his newest venture, Nacho Cove, he wants to tackle email, a productivity-killer that Perret contends has yet to be truly innovated. BendTECH sat down with Perret to learn more about his startup, how to eliminate the time suck of email and the story behind his company’s name.