Month: July 2015

Because We Care: Jobs Roundup, Wayne Gretzky and a Motivational Cat

Did the jobs board literally blow up? No. That would dangerous. But there’s been a bit of a jobs-plosion in the last two weeks. It’s exciting and leaves us feeling a bit motivational.

As apparently Wayne Gretzky once said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. And right now the BendTECH jobs board is giving you many opportunities to try for a goal (is that what it’s called in hockey? I recently called a hockey stick a pole, so we’re a bit out our of wheelhouse here).

Point being: Take a shot! Apply! You got nothing to lose! Let’s do this!

Which brings us right back to our jobs roundup. Here’s who is hiring #inbend:




Agency Revolution


Anything strike your fancy? Do you need inspiration beyond the wise words of Wayne G? Alright, because we really, really care: This cat post-it is for you. Now go get ’em!

Cascade Angels Invests $100,000 in LeadMethod

Cascade Angels announced today that the fund has invested $100,000 in Bend-based startup LeadMethod (also one of our #50startups). LeadMethod provides channel sales management software to companies that sell through independent sales reps and distributors.

From the release:

The Cascade Angels investment team was impressed with the LeadMethod team and the company’s product, which has already garnered more than a dozen loyal enterprise clients.

“LeadMethod has targeted an underserved market with a powerful solution that is quickly gaining traction,” says Julie Harrelson, CEO of Harrelson Group, which serves as the Fund Manager for Cascade Angels. “We’re excited about this recent investment, and it’s great to have local capital available to invest in these opportunities.”

Like Chopped? Bend App Dev Company Debuts FoodFu Today

Binary Star Systems, a Bend-based startup focused on creating apps that promote interaction with people, launched a culinary competition app today. Called FoodFu, the app lets you create a Chopped-like experience in your own kitchen.

The app is now available in App Store. And Binary Star Systems co-founder Lisa Sipe will also debut FoodFu tonight at the Night Light Show with Shanan Kelley. Chefs Amy Wright (Sunny Yoga Kitchen) and Anna Witham (The Root Cellar) will battle it out using the app to guide their competition.

The show is at 7:40 p.m. at the Tin Pan Theater.

So how does FoodFu work? According to the FoodFu news release, FoodFu users need a kitchen and at least four people to divide into two chefs, two judges and one Emcee (who can also be a judge).Users choose an ingredient, like carrots or bacon (obviously if that’s the choice, we choose bacon). They can click the random ingredient generator button.

Nacho Cove Receives $1 Million in Seed Funding

Nacho Cove recently announced that it raised $1 million in seed funding from angel investors. The startup (one of our #50startups) provides a mobile email client — Nacho Mail — that integrates email, calendar and contacts, and adapts to its users needs through its AI management tool.

The company launched its beta product in July. According to its news release, Nacho Mail has already been adopted by several companies, including tech security company SafeLogic. The company plans to use the seed funding for product development and continued growth.

From Nacho Cove:

According to a recent study by Entrepreneur magazine focusing on leaders of fortune 500 companies, email overload is a burden at all levels of an enterprise, with CEOs spending more than a quarter of their day dealing with emails. This problem is not limited to the leadership. A 2012 study by McKinsey Global Institute revealed that knowledge workers also spend more than a quarter of the day reading and answering email. The average daily number of emails increased from 70 in 1998 to greater than 150 in 2012. Overflowing inboxes are leading to higher levels of inefficiency and miscommunication at all levels of an enterprise.

An Insider’s Look at BendPoly’s First Summer Session

For the students at BendPoly school has been in for summer. The inaugural class of 16 is about halfway through the summer digital marketing course. Following is a guest post (courtesy of Bluebird Strategies’ blog) from Alex Spearman, a senior from Hawaii Pacific and a BendPoly student, about what’s she’s learned so far.

I recently read a stat on job opportunities for recent college grads. The numbers are bleak; more than four out of five students are graduating college without a job. And sure, there are many factors lending themselves to this reality, including the economy and an ever evolving job market, but the stats also beg the question: When I graduate will I have the marketable skills needed to land a job?

This last point has stuck out to me in my college experience the most. I am a senior, graduating in December, and I have found myself concerned that I have little job market know-how or any real, hands-on work experience. I can tell you the anatomy of a leaf and can quote Shakespeare, but can I walk into an interview and prove my value to a company with a particular skill set? Uh, no, not really. Is this because colleges are, in essence, failing their students by not providing more technical, vocational type skill sets? I believe so. There is only so much theory one can learn before it becomes practically useless when not applied with real world, hands on experience. BendPoly was created to help change that and it’s what immediately drew me to this class and experience.

#50startups: Droplr Banks on a Freemium Model

Droplr and its co-founders Josh Bryant and Levi Nunnink moved from California to Bend two years ago in search of a better lifestyle for their growing families and a place where they could grow their file-sharing startup. The pair tapped into many of Oregon’s startup resources, taking advantage of Portland accelerator programs and local angel and VC funding, eventually raising more than $850,000.

A favorite of creative workers who want a simple way to share unwieldy documents, videos and images, Droplr is now looking to grow its client base inside bigger companies and tip into profitability. BendTECH caught up with Bryant recently to get the update.

Startup: Droplr
Co-founders: Josh Bryant and Levi Nunnink
Started: 2009
Employees: 5
Headquarters: Bend

Central Oregon Startups Raise $16 million, Mostly Seed, in Past Year

Both startup activity and funding is on the rise in Bend. Startups here received $15,850,000 in investment over the past year, according to Brian Vierra, EDCO’s venture catalyst.

Vierra tracks a  portfolio of 75 Central Oregon startups, and one-third of them raised money over EDCO’s fiscal year, which ended June 30.

Vierra started his position in spring 2014 and doesn’t have equivalent data to make a clean comparison with the previous year, though it appears to be a marked uptick. His inherited records show that startups here received about $2 million the prior year.

“There is a clear and compelling increase in both startup activity and funding,” he says.

Here are some of the funding facts:

  • The nearly $16 million in investment accounts for debt and equity raises, though the majority is equity.
  • Though all industries are represented, most of the investment was made in tech.
  • Most of the funding would be considered seed, or funding for early-stage startups.

Vierra says that even with the increase in startup funding, Oregon still faces a capital deficit. But things in Bend seem to be moving in the right direction.

How Crazy Are We? This is a News AND Jobs Roundup in One Post

My BendTECH inbox overfloweth with news and job openings and hirings. So we’re taking all these little bits and putting them into one glorious, shining, don’t-look-straight-at-it-because-you-might-go-blind NEWS AND JOBS ROUNDUP. Try to keep calm.

First up, news.

Odysys continues to hire, bringing on Isaac Harris as a Customer Success Manager. A Bend native, Harris was formerly the account manager of partnerships and strategic alliances for Warren Miller Entertainment. The startup also hired web developer Max Skala, who comes to Bend from Boston, where he was a student at Northeastern University. And last but not least, Eric Freed, joined Odysys earlier this month as the company’s senior web applications developer. Freed, also a Bend native, was previously at Five Talent.