Month: November 2015

Jobs Roundup: What Can a Guy on a Bike in a Giant Giraffe Costume Teach You About Job Hunting?

At the ThunderCross cyclocross race this past weekend, a man — a hero — rode the entire race in a gigantic giraffe costume. He could have made that giraffe head three-feet high and it would have still been awesome. But he made it 10-feet high. He aimed higher. Went bigger. Didn’t let the reality of racing with a humongous, cardboard giraffe costume keep him down.

#50startups: Cooking Competition App FoodFu Adds Cocktails, Plating

As Eating Season — otherwise known as the holidays — rapidly approaches, it seems only fitting that our next #50startups incorporate both food and technology. Lisa and Jim Sipe created the FoodFu cooking competition app after playing their own version of Chopped with their family over Christmas. The app launched in August and now the Sipes are focused on expanding the FoodFu brand with new cocktail and plating apps.