Month: December 2015

Bendbroadband Surprises Animal Shelter w/ $2k Gift

BendBroadband — sponsor of the StartupBend newsletter — makes a point every year to surprise local nonprofits with a donation during the holiday season. This year, members of the BendBroadband marketing team popped up at the Brightside Animal Shelter in Redmond with goodies and a giant check for $2,000.

BlueBird Strategies Gives Back for the Holidays

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing those in Bend’s tech and startup community take time out of their work to give back to the place they love. And BlueBird Strategies recently offered a great example. The Bend-based BlueBird Strategies is a marketing automation and demand generation firm that serves fast-growing tech companies, including established firms and venture-backed startups. You might also know BBS’s CEO Cari Baldwin as the chief instructor at BendPoly.

#50startups: New to Bend, Trailhead Labs Uses Tech to Make Better Maps

Bend’s startup community has a new addition in Trailhead Labs, a San Francisco-based duo, whose CTO Jereme Monteau recently relocated here. The company combines an enthusiasm for the outdoors with tech know-how to create a software product that helps public agencies and nonprofits make more accurate, interactive maps of their parks. The end goal: To get more people outside. We get it. StartupBend caught up with Monteau and CEO Ryan Branciforte to learn more.

Most Read Posts of 2015. See Who Made the Top 10 List …

As we looked back over the year to discover which posts garnered the most readers, we also got a pretty solid overview of the activity in Bend’s startup community. The upshot: There was a lot of it. Businesses started, startups got funded, companies hired, companies relocated here, coworking spaces opened. And then there was the post that featured Justin Timberlake, which is, of course, the secret to making people read your blog.

#50startups: With StartupCommunity, Cities Build and Measure Startup Activity

Our next #50startups founder has been a steady supporter of Bend tech startups for years, from managing one of the first coworking spaces to putting together startup weekends to co-founding this very blog. In the meantime, James Gentes also started — and sold — his own company. And all of his t-shirts say startup on them. Needless to say, he is passionate about the topic.

Remember When You Couldn’t Find a Tech Job Here? I Do (Also: Kollective and LeadMethod are Hiring)

Humor me and harken back to the early 2000s for a moment. We had just moved to town and my soon-to-be husband was hoping to find a tech job in Bend. He looked (unsuccessfully) for a couple of years while working remotely and we ultimately moved back to the Puget Sound. Bend had won our hearts, but the reality was we couldn’t stay — not if we wanted to progress in our careers.