The start of a new year is a great time to both reflect on things accomplished, as well as plan for the future. This week we’re doing a bit of both. And first up is 2016 by the numbers. The big takeaway: Y’all worked really hard — and we did too.

Here’s a by-the-numbers review of 2016:

121 StartupBend blog posts. I love looking at things in aggregate, and as it turns out, there’s a lot of stuff on this little blog. Here’s our Top 10 Most popular posts for the year. In addition, we covered all sorts of things including:

$23.3 million in funding raised by Bend Startups in 2016. I love this chart. This updated version includes the $2 million funding announcement from in November. It’s not an exhaustive list. I wish it was because I also love exhaustive lists. But still, nice work.

Startup Money raised 2016 Sources
Kollective $12,250,000 Series C, multiple sources
OnBoard Dynamics $3,000,000 ARPA-E, Portland Seed Fund, NW Natural, utilities and investors.
KrowdFit $2,450,000 Led by Ryan Finley, Survey Monkey founder
Cairn $2,000,000 Multiple sources
ZeroTransform $500,000* Multiple, including Cascade Angels
Droplr $400,000 Cascade Angels, Seven Peaks, etc.
Hueya $260,000 N/A
Sudara $250,000 Bend Venture Conference
Cascade Wellness Technologies $100,000 Oregon Best @ BVC
SnoPlanks $100,000 Venture Out $2,000,000 True Ventures
CushCore $18,000 BVC Early Stage, Venture Out Festival
Amplion Not available Cascade Angels
 TOTAL $23,328,000+


93 jobs posted on StartupBend. If you’re looking for awesome, talented, motivated people to work at your company, then you should use our (free) jobs board. Because our blog readers also make amazing hires.

8 interviews by the intrepid Julie Harrelson, who spent the second half of the year taking #julieselfies and interviewing founders, community leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. Julie is the fund manager for Cascade Angels, a Bend-based angel fund. Take some time to read through these gems:

2 new venture conferences. The Venture Out Conference made its official debut this year, with funding tracks for early and growth stage outdoor product companies. And the BVC added its Social Impact Track, for companies with a social mission.

1 new early stage fund. FoundersPad recently announced that it has created an investment fund to pair with its startup program and expert guidance.

$3.76 million funding awarded at the Bend Venture Conference. That was a substantial, record-setting amount of moola invested in Oregon (and SW Washington) startups.

3 acquisitions/buyouts of Bend companies. There was a small flurry at the end of 2015 and into 2016. This includes the big news of Hydro Flask’s acquisition.

Most certainly I’ve forgotten something. Regardless, 2016 was busy, inspiring and chock full of hard work. Stay tuned this week to see what startup founders and leaders have planned for 2017.