Month: April 2016

New to Bend, Personal Products Startup Zealios Targets Triathletes

Sometimes things just naturally go together, like peanut butter and jelly or puffy coats and shorts. For Zealios, a formerly Berkeley-based startup that recently relocated to Bend, it’s their line of personal products and triathletes. “The second we dipped our toe into the triathlete community, we started growing,” says Austin Britts, Zealios co-founder.

How Startup CodePen Survived a DDoS Threat

If you have five minutes and you like stories of good guys prevailing over evil bastards, then keep reading. CodePen, whose co-founder Tim Sabat lives here in Bend, recently received an email that would unsettle any company, but especially one whose 1 million users depend on the company’s web app to, well, work. It was a threat of a DDoS attack, complete with a ransom request.