Earlier this week, we looked back on 2016 — and today we’re marching forward. We reached out to startup founders, investors and business leaders in Bend to learn about their business and personal resolutions for this year. In no big surprise, the business goals are big and ambitious, everything from starting a startup to launching products to hiring teams to refining accelerator programs to growing funds.

Thomas Jefferson apparently said, “I’m a great believer in luck; and I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it.” If that’s the case, then 2017 is looking lucky for Bend’s startup community.

Gray Skinner, CEO, Droplr

We’re working on three: Solve the problem of inefficient workplace communication by helping as many teams as possible break down communication barriers; Enable people working from home and remote employees to stay connected by bringing quick visual content into Slack, Skype and email; and to get 10 more companies in Bend to use Droplr.

Yong Bakos, CS professor, OSU Cascades

I want to support a culture of excellence in teaching and learning at OSU Cascades. And get my head around the Rust language.

Yong Bakos, CS professor at OSU Cascades.

Corey Schmid, Partner, Seven Peaks Ventures

Here at Seven Peaks Ventures, our team has expanded and we are growing our fund to continue to invest in substantial industry-changing entrepreneurs and companies in the PNW. We aim to be trusted partners on the wild startup journey, and resolve to roll up our sleeves and engage with our portfolio companies and the entrepreneurial community to put Oregon front and center in 2017.
Lewis Howell, Founder, Hueya

Be the leading provider of cyber-crime prevention and protection software and services globally.

Lewis Howell, founder of Hueya. Looks nice, but hes a ninja when it comes to online privacy.

Julie Harrelson, Fund Manager, Cascade Angels

My resolutions are to grow Cascade Angels from the Fund’s new office at The Bridge where we have very cool neighbors. Write more #julieselfie blogs to showcase the amazing entrepreneurial community in Bend and Oregon. Continue volunteering as the EDCO Pubtalk emcee. (Pubtalk is the great trifecta of beer, pizza and entrepreneurs). Represent #inbend locally, regionally and nationally.

Julie Harrelson, of Cascade Angels, and Corey Schmid, of Seven Peaks Ventures.

James Gentes, Co-Founder, 

For 2017, our main goal at Tend is to prove our product/market fit with our initial customer base. We’re all heads down building the product and onboarding our new hires. It’s going to be an exciting year!

Rita Hansen, CEO, Onboard Dynamics

For 2017, my resolution for Onboard Dynamics is to become a successful, viable company that will start generating revenues with our first product to market!

Rita Hansen, CEO of Onboard Dynamics.

Zilaida Salgueiro, Founder, Locals Compass

Our New Year resolution is to officially launch Locals Compass in Q1 2017 and show scalability by reaching (and growing!) three markets before the end of the year.

Gary Bracelin, Co-Founder, Bend Outdoor Worx

For BOW, the goal is to really refine the program this year and develop strategic relationships within the community, industry and beyond. My personal goal is to simplify and work on life balance.
Luann Abrams, Manager, FoundersPad
FoundersPad’s goal for 2017 is to use our deep mentoring approach to help early-stage companies navigate through their start-up challenges to build sustainable, high-growth businesses.
Preston Callicott, CEO, Five Talent

What I’m wishing for 2017 for Five Talent is to grow, profitably, the team to 40 designers and developers, to continue our tradition of significant donations and contributions to non-profits focused on feeding, clothing, protecting and educating children.Personally, to drop 30 pounds and add exercise to my daily routine.  To stay on track with getting the new High School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation up and running by September. To walk-my-talk about commuting via bike instead of car. Finally, to have more fun!

Ryan Doherty, Co-Founder, RipClear 

Our resolution is to continue our growth and stay hungry. We are determined to break into several new markets over the next couple of months, this will help the growth of our brand as well as the growth of our team. We are looking to utilize the newest additions to our team to their fullest potential. This undoubtedly will help us grow by leaps and bounds while staying consistent with our mission of “helping as many optics users as possible to protect their investments.”

RipClear goggle protectors. Get some!
Niki Singlaub, Founder, Hydaway
My plan is to make great hires this year to build our team. My goal will be to find quality teammates from within Oregon. And help us grow our local economy from within.That and hydration world domination.
Niki Singlaub, founder of Hydaway.