Year: 2019

Don’t Miss Thursday’s PubTalk! Startups, Tea, Trademark Protection Tips, and Tots.

This month’s PubTalk has something for everyone–a pitch from an exciting Bend startup, updates from your favorite tea company, resources for business funding and a keynote from David Gooder, the former guardian of Jack Daniel’s brand. That’s right, whiskey.

If that’s not enough, then consider the potential for tater tots. Which, not to overstate it, make the world a better place to live.

Meet Rupie at BendTECH’s Startup Founder’s Office Launch Party

BendTECH is hosting a little party this Tuesday to honor the first residents of the BendTECH Startup Founder’s Office. The founders of Rupie, a platform that connects game developer talent with game studios, have moved into the space and been hard at work.

Join us to learn more about their company, and tour the BendTECH space and founder’s office. We’ll have a short presentation from Rupie about their product and their future plans.

Can We Activate More Local Women to Be Startup Investors? Why That’s Important and What’s Next.

You’re likely familiar with the gender pay gap. Well, there’s also a very real and very large gender investment gap when it comes to startup founders who receive funding. It’s one of the statistics that you keep waiting to see improve, and it doesn’t really budge much from 2% — that is 2% of all investment dollars go toward women founders. Far, far less goes to women of color.