Smartwaiver, your friendly digital waiver company, is looking to hire a Director of Outbound Sales. So if you’ve always dreamed of working in an office with perks that include a small robot that delivers you coffee, then you best apply.

Founded in 2012, Smartwaiver occupies a nice little spot in startup-ville: The company is profitable with more than 1,000 paying customers and they’re experiencing more than 100% year-over-year revenue growth. CEO Mark Silliman reports that they’re on pace to collect four million digital documents in 2015, and more than six million since they started.

“We’re hoping to accelerate our rapid growth even faster with the addition of a director of outbound sales,” says Silliman.

Mark Silliman, CEO and co-founder of Smartwaiver.
Mark Silliman, CEO and co-founder of Smartwaiver.


The company provides digital waivers to a range of customers including the NFL, U.S. Navy, VANS and Coachella. In our #50startups post on the company from October, Silliman notes that Smartwaiver is designed for having tens of thousands of people sign the same thing. The company focuses on the usability and efficiency of the waiver signing process.
A bit more from Smartwaiver’s job posting:
  • Our founders are experienced and passionate developers (both founded multi-million dollar businesses prior to Smartwaiver) who believe success comes from being light and nimble.
  • We practice what we preach – you won’t find a printer, pens, notepads or a fax machine in our office. NO PAPER!
  • Dress code: wear whatever makes you comfortable (including during your interview).
  • We are profitable and growing 101% YOY.
  • We have an open office layout and NO meetings; just results.
  • We’re geeks and embrace technology to solve problems.

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