Believe it or not (but really it’s true) we’ve already completed the first 10 of our #50startups project. It seems like we started only yesterday. Sniff. This week we’re seeing who was paying attention with a brain-busting quiz.

So watch out, because things are about to get real. The winner will receive a coffee card probably worth at least $10. Even more exciting: He or she will get their picture posted on our blog, which will likely lead to fame and fortune not seen since the likes of Alex From Target. And I’ll march right over to wherever you are and give you a hug. Because you read my blog.

Now let’s get this party started. First, which Bend startups have we covered? Well thanks for asking! We started with Amplion, the biotech company that has since gone on to win the Bend Venture Conference and the RAIN Conference. Was it because they were featured on this very blog? Probably not. Maybe? It’s hard to say.

Then we wrote about Ubimodo, Stridebox, Smartwaiver, Cairn, and Volcano Veggies, a delightful startup growing veggies and fish indoors using aquaponics. They won the Bend Broadband Concept State prize at BVC. We also featured Agency Revolution, The Handsel, The Flybook  and OdySys. And we’re just getting started.

Now to test your knowledge! You can put your answers in the comments below or just email me at [email protected] Deadline is Dec. 3. (Hint: It’s an open-blog quiz).

1. Which startup founder also worked on the Terminator movies before moving to Bend?

2. When did Cairn founder Rob Little start his company?

3. What social networking site does The Handsel plan to integrate with?

4. What startup founder was also the OSU mascot?

5. How many companies has Kent Schnepp, founder of OdySys, started?

6. What vertical market does Agency Revolution target?

7. What startup has portraits of sci-fi marmots decorating their office?

8. What company also employs a cardboard Yoda?

9. What kind of vegetables does Volcano Veggies grow?

10. What market did The Flybook initially target before it expanded to the broader outdoor rec industry?

Kelly Kearsley

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You can reach Kelly by email at [email protected].
Kelly Kearsley