Today we are thankful for a job board that is packed with tech jobs right here in Bend. Many startups are hiring and they’re in need of sales, customer success and onboarding, developers and more.

So if your 2018 resolution is to get a new job, peruse these listing and then go get ’em! Because it never hurts to try, unless you have like a circus job, in which case, trying to eat fire or get sawed in half actually probably does hurt. Same for stunt doubles. And anyone learning how to skate ski or adults learning to ski in general, which is not a job, but does hurt.

via GIPHY Sometimes I find things on the Internet. #sorrynotsorry

That was a minor tangent. Let’s get back to it. Here’s a look at who is hiring:


DevOps/System Administrator


Account Development Rep


Sales Associate
Web Producer

TechSoft 3D

Developer Support Engineer

The Flybook

Sales Rep
Onboarding and Customer Success

Bend Research

System and Network Adminstrator

And there’s still more. Express Personnel has three other tech listings as well. Check them out!