This news volcano doesn’t actually come with any sort of explosion. But you will definitely be fired up (puns: 1 readers: 0) by the startup activity big and small happening #inbend recently. So buckle up buttercup …

Krowdfit raises a bunch of money

Krowdfit announced earlier this week that it raised $2.45 million in financing. The Bend-based startup has a wellness rewards platform that allows you to earn money and prizes for working out and being healthy. We talked to Krowdfit Founder Jim Miller late last year after the company signed up Oregon Metro as a client. We’re looking forward to catching up soon to hear what opportunities this new funding brings. Congrats!

Related: Two degrees of SurveyMonkey? 

Geekwire reported that Krowdfit’s recent funding came from angel investors, led by SurveyMonkey founder Ryan Finley. Now I’m not saying that SurveyMonkey is the Kevin Bacon of our startup scene, BUT Bend-based CodePen received $1 million in investment last year, led by the founders of WuFoo, which was acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2011. Also this is how healthy ecosystems work. Moving on …

Try out AirFit’s prototype gym

If you attended the Bend Venture Conference, you saw the founders of this startup pitch their idea for airport-based fitness centers on the early stage. Well since then, the company has built a prototype gym in Bend to test how travelers would use such a gym. And you can go use it — for free. The next open time is Friday, 1/29 from 9 a.m. to noon. Work out and then give them feedback. You can check out their Facebook for more information— and we’ll introduce more of AirFit to you next week.

You like free lettuce? And beer? And skiing? We’ve got an event for you.

Volcano Veggies, our very own vertical, indoor farming startup, and Free Range Equipment, maker of sport-specific backpacks, are sponsoring a ski movie night Feb. 4. They’ll be showing GNAR, giving out beer and maybe some lettuce, not to mention prizes and just general good fun.

#50startups SteadyBudget is at PubTalk

Word on the street is that tonight’s EDCO PubTalk is plum sold out. You got to get those tickets early people! If you’re not going, you can still learn more about SteadyBudget.

Odysys is hiring away

This time, the startup snagged Kameron Neal for an inside sales executive position. Neal was previously at EDCO and he was the early stage competition manager for the BVC.

Hydaway fulfilled Kickstarter, now selling product

The collapsible water bottle that blew up Kickstarter last year is now for sale. You could can get one shipped to you immediately. Hydaway founder Niki Singlaub says the products are available on the website, and at Bend retailers near you including Hopscotch.

And we’re done … 

Not really, there’s other things. But that was a lot get out. I feel lighter, don’t you? Stay tuned next week for new #50startups. And we’re planning events for February and beyond. Now back to work!