Agency Revolution is selling its Northwest Crossing office and moving toward a mostly remote workforce that meets as needed. The company plans to find a new smaller, office space where its 30 employees can convene and/or work a few days a week if they need.

The Bend-based company (and one of our #50startups) makes marketing automation software for insurance agencies. Agency Revolution President Maggie Hubbell says that the company’s current space was too large and the company wasn’t using all the space. They’ve also already hired several remote workers. So they decided to experiment with a hybrid remote-plus-smaller-office model.

“We’d rather put that money to work for the company, and the give the employees the ability to work how and where they want,” Hubbell says. “However, part of what makes this possible is that we’ve moved away from evaluating people on the number of hours they spend in the office and instead we’re measuring output and performance.”

Agency Revolution’s employees are excited for the move, she says. In fact, nearly half have said they won’t need a work space provided by the company. The business will still have a location in Bend with enough desks for people who can’t or don’t want to work at home as well as stations that allow for others to pop in and work when they want.

The company is now determining where that new space will be. In the meantime, Hubbell says her main concern is ensuring that the company’s employees remain connected to each other. “We’ve built a really strong team culture and we want to make sure we don’t lose that,” she says.

Shifting to a more remote workforce is becoming more common. The arrangement can broaden your pool of potential hires, improve employee retention, save money and even increase productivity. There’s certainly a significant and experienced bunch of remote workers who call Bend home. Have any advice for how to do it well and/or ensure people feel connected without working in the same building? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Kelly Kearsley

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Kelly Kearsley