You might recall that last week Cascade Angels had a Bend Venture Conference ticket giveaway via this very blog. As part of the fun, we asked people to send in a short explanation of why they should win a ticket to BVC. The entries were fantastic and truly showcased our Central Oregon startup community — with emails coming in from early-stage startup founders, new entrepreneurs in town, recent college grads and more.
Our friends at Cascade Angels had the hard job of choosing a winner. They were so moved by the number and substance of the entries, they ended up awarding not one, but two BVC tickets, and one ticket to PubTalk. The winning entries, and comments from the Cascade Angels team are below. Thanks to everyone who participated; we’d love to meet all of you at PubTalk, BVC, unConference or simply around town.
The Cascade Angels BVC Ticket Giveaway winners are …
Taylor Kimberly

From Cascade Angels: “We loved the creativity of this entry, which was presented in the form of a pitch deck. (And, who doesn’t love a good pitch deck?) Well played, Taylor.”

Taylor’s entry:

Vision/Elevator Pitch – A young professional on the edge of starting own business seeks advice and networking opportunity.

Traction/Validation – Holds previous experience at several business accelerators & fellowship at venture capital firm.

Market Opportunity – At this point, limitless.

The Problem – Soon-to-be founder looks to invest $299 into future business not BVC ticket.

Product/Service – Integrity mixed with diligence along with a dash of gusto (for flavor).

Revenue Model – One-time transactional.

Growth Strategy – Ingest BVC information to improve local community and personal business.

Team – Seeking technical co-founder (but really, I am).

Financials – +$299?

Competition – Fierce

Investment ‘Ask’ – Applicant is not looking for a fish; rather, looking to learn to fish.


Joanna Malaczynski
From Cascade Angels: “Welcome to Bend, Joanna! There’s no better way to jump into the entrepreneurial community than attending the Bend Venture Conference. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about EcoValuate. Enjoy the conference!”
Joanna’s entry:

I just moved to Bend (still unpacking the truck!) and am excited to get to know the entrepreneurial community here.  After a few years as the CEO of my own start-up (EcoValuate), and after taking customer-focused design classes from Ziba Design and IDEO, I would like to share what I have learned with others through teaching and doing.  My focus is on sustainable product development and effective UX design.  I heard about this opportunity to attend the Bend Venture Conference and thought: yes!  What a great way to jump into the Bend innovation scene!


PubTalk ticket winner:
Taylor Mahony
From Cascade Angels: “This entry, a series of three haikus, gets major style points. For that, we are awarding Taylor a ticket to PubTalk. And, just for the record (and because you said the others wouldn’t feel left out), the first one is our favorite.”
autumn conference
exciting and maybe free
the best part? selfie.
haiku, don’t fail me
BVC, high five, selfie
pretty awesome deal
we love BVC
much to learn and much to see
but I love it most
Congrats to all the winners!

Kelly Kearsley

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