Author: Kelly Kearsley

Bend Fall Festival is Looking for Startups Who Want to Exhibit

The Bend Fall Festival is considering having a section of booths dedicated to local startups. Jim Kone, who is organizing the Bend Business Showcase portion of the festival, reached out to see if we knew of any interested startups. He has room for eight, and he’d offer the booths to startup founders for $150 for the weekend, which is Oct. 7th and 8th.

Looking for a Small Office? Real Time Research Has Space to Share

We all know that finding small office space in Bend is like finding a magical unicorn in your backyard or a parking space downtown during the summer. It’s a challenge. So here’s some good news on the office space front: Real Time Research is subletting a small office in its building, which is directly across from BendTECH and the 1001 Tech Center (and Thump, where I spend all my money).