Here is an opportunity to get some high-level, professional coaching for free. Bend-based public speaking coach Diane Allen is hosting a workshop Friday, Nov. 11 called Connection: The Key to Influential Leadership. Allen has helped business executives, startup founders (including those who pitched at the 2014 and 2015 BVC) and more improve their public and professional speaking skills. With this event, she’s teaching people how they can use professional public speaking practices to connect with an audience in more everyday conversations, business presentations and meetings.

From the write up:

To be convincing or influential, you must have connection. Without connection, it’s difficult to create results. Not only does connection increase your effectiveness, but you’ll be more “likable” in the process. Would you like to develop your ability to connect to a variety of people in a variety of situations? Would you like to develop your influential leadership, customer retention and lead generation?

After the presentation, you will leave with a system to:

  • Tap into connecting with a variety of people and a variety of situations.
  • Get into the other person’s mindset and present in a way that they can relate.
  • Masterfully speak off the cuff and greatly enhance connection.

About Diane:

I became a Speaker for the same reason I became a Violinist: I am passionate about self-expression and empowering people to communicate with impact.In my 15 years as a Concertmaster, 30 years as an educator, 6 years as a professional speaker, I have been immersed in the art of influential leadership. As a public speaking coach for the occasional speaker, people in upper management, TEDxBend 2016, the Bend Venture Conference 2014-15, I have been immersed in the art of stellar communication. We all face overcoming inhibitions, expressing ourselves in an effective way, and in developing our own leadership style.We don’t get to choose how people ultimately react to us, but we can do our part to connect, speak with authenticity, and exude confidence.

On a personal note, I’ve worked with Diane before. She really is a pro, and can provide tips that boost confidence, improve your public performance and give you tactics you can draw on again and again. So I think this would be a valuable three hours. There’s 10 spots available. I heard three may already be filled. So sign up!

Event details
When: Friday, November 11 from 9 a.m. to noon
Contact: Diane Allen 541-617-0340
Cost: FREE. RSVP required.
RSVP here

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