The best thing about working in a co-working space is getting to meet people doing really interesting things. Today, that person was Eric Dubs, creator of Versafit, wireless, on-ear headphones. He launched a Kickstarter for the product a few hours ago, aiming to raise $35,000, to fund the headphone production.

I couldn’t help but walk over to his desk to learn more, after hearing his team’s excitement about their first backers. I’m glad I did, and you will be too. Versafit headphones are flat, bendable headphones that rest on top of your ears.

As Eric explains, this not only makes them more comfortable than traditional ear buds, but it also allows you to still hear noise from the outside. This makes them a great, safe option for people listening to music, who also need to be aware of their surroundings, such as mt. biker, skiers, snowboarders, or people just walking down the street.

More from the Versafit Kickstarter page:

Versafit headphones were designed with the (bike) rider in mind. Our speakers lie flat and comfortable between your ears and even the tightest, most secure helmets. The adjustable memory wire wraps around your ear ensuring a comfortable, custom fit. And the sound is non-noise canceling, which means you can hear your music and the world around you (talk to friends, hear traffic, or simply avoid unnecessary collisions).

As a trail runner, I fully get this idea. I always run with just one ear bud in so that I don’t get surprised by mountain bikers, other runners, dogs (maybe a cougar) coming up behind me. The Versafit headphones also fit under mountain bike, ski and any other helmets.

Versafit on-ear headphones
Versafit on-ear headphones

Eric adapted these on-ear headphones from his original invention, Bedphones, which are super thin headphones you can use while you sleep. A mechanical engineer by trade, Eric first worked as a nuclear submarine propulsion engineer. But he described the experience as miserable.

He refocused on inventing Bedphones, and has sold tens of thousands since they debuted in 2011. He moved to Bend from Bali — before that he was in Brooklyn — drawn to Central Oregon’s mountain biking and outdoor activities. His company, DubsLabs, is now based here.

Video courtesy of Versafit Kickstarter.

Check out his Kickstarter. And who knows, maybe we’ll all be sporting Versafit headphones come this spring. Good luck!

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