If you like cookies and like supporting Bend startups, then today is your lucky day. The No-Bake Cookie Co. is testing out all five of its no-bake cookies in Bend and Redmond-area Albertsons and Safeway grocery stores.

The cookies are single servings and come in chocolate, peanut butter, coconut macadamia, mocha and mint. They are gluten-free with no preservatives, no trans fat and no artificial anything. Eric Nealy, the company’s COO, says the test is running through the month of April.

“If they determine they sold well, they will carry the cookies in all 144 Oregon stores,” Eric says. “They recently launched our 8 oz bakery tubs in all the stores and they are doing great. We are calling on all everyone we know locally to help The No-Bake Cookie Co. with this test by picking up a cookie or two.”

The cookies are at discounted price of 1.99 each. I have a soft spot in my heart for these cookies because they are very much like the first cookies I learned to make. If you’ve never seen the brand, you’d likely recognize the cookie — it’s usually oats and some kind of nut butter. I have a distinct memory of “cooking” these using a microwave (because I wasn’t allowed to use a stove) and then putting a stick of margarine with its foil wrapper in there and seeing flames. It all turned out fine.

The Bend No-Bake Cookie Co. started small, with Carol Healy–Eric’s mom– making the treats to sell at the family’s convenience store.

From Bend magazine:

The cookies developed a fervent fan base among the market’s customers, mostly from the Southeast neighborhood, who head there for burgers and other housemade dishes at the cafe-convenience store-gas station at the Reed Market Road and 15th Street roundabout.

Carol and her husband Tom then formed a cookie company, caught the gluten-free wave and were soon selling in Nordstrom. Now the cookies are in thousands of stores across the country. The business recently did a successful raise on CircleUp and is part of Founder’s Pad, a Bend-based startup accelerator and early-stage fund.

So if you have a craving for cookies, check them out.

You. Eating cookies.

Kelly Kearsley

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Kelly Kearsley