Deschutes River @ Old Mill

Bend seems to be the perfect testing ground for outdoor products. We’ve got mountains, valleys, sun, snow, water, and a whole hellofalot of people who take advantage of it all.

Gary Bracelin founded a local accelerator program for the outdoor industry called Bend Outdoor Worx, and he recently sat down with Mitch Daugerty from Built Oregon to talk about the program.

My favorite clip:

“It’s funny you say ‘Why Bend?’ because I always say ‘Why not Bend?’,” Gary said. “Doesn’t it seem like the perfect place for a unique outdoor-industry specific accelerator? We started in Bend because it is such an iconic location for outdoor industry companies. Over the years, I worked with businesses who love Bend and would come here to shoot their catalogs, but couldn’t locate here because there wasn’t the kind of business support they needed—but that has changed. It just felt genuinely authentic to start here.”

Check out the full article for more.

James Gentes

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James is a huge fan of Bend's startup scene. He is responsible for creating the BendTech coworking space at 1001 SW Emkay during his many years as board member and president of the Tech Alliance of Central Oregon.

He loves to write code, is passionate about design, and runs as a side hobby. He sold his previous company that he started in Bend, 'The Social Business' to Innovation Garden in New York.

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