You know when you have to sell chocolate bars in middle school and you’re just hoping to sell at least three so your mom doesn’t have to buy the whole box. Then there’s the kid who sells enough to win a pizza party and a limo ride and an assembly? Niki Singlaub, creator of the HYDAWAY reusable water bottle, is like that kid.

Singlaub, a Bend-based product designer, launched a Kickstarter campaign April 12 in hopes of raising $20,000 to fund the first big production run of the collapsible, silicon water bottle that he invented. He surpassed that goal in the first 27 hours. And the funds are still rolling in. To date, backers have contributed nearly $64,000 toward Singlaub’s Kickstarter.

Today — in honor of Earth Day — he’s trying to hit $70,000. If so, Singlaub plans on donating 1% of his Kickstarter funds to 1% for Planet. This is the second time Singlaub has tried Kickstarter to get his water bottle startup off the ground. Last year’s campaign missed its fundraising goal.

4/23 Update: Singlaub met his Earth Day goal and then blew past it. He’s currently raised more than $74,000 …


This time Singlaub says he was more prepared. He started building an audience through social media before he launched his second Kickstarter. He talked about the rewards and specials for early backers. And when by the time the campaign started, his supporters were ready.

The flurry of funding caught the attention of the folks at Kickstarter, who deemed the HYDAWAY a Staff Pick. The campaign runs through May 14. So you still have a chance to contribute, earn your own HYDAWAY bottle and generally help the Earth.


Kelly Kearsley

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