Wildish co-founders Rick Lee and Adam Allen have reimagined something that’s already good — a hammock! — and made it even better. The pair debuted the M.C. Hammie on Kickstarter last week, and they’ve raised more than $8,200 of their $15,000 goal already.

The founders plans to use the money to manufacture the M.C. Hammie. But first, what is it exaclty? It’s a three-in-one hammock, shelter and blanket. Up to eight of your very best friends can lounge on this thing when it’s spread out on the ground. Then, it pops into a little shelter and you can hop inside, or string it between two trees and ta dah — a hammock.

Must love Rainier beer.

Rick and Adam started their company last year with another gear reinvention that they call Mr. Big Stuff (props for creative product names). That is basically a gigantic beach blanket that packs down into a teeny tiny pouch for travel. The duo sold 500 of the blankets in their first month.

With backgrounds in engineering (Rick) and design (Adam), the co-founders see the M.C. Hammie and Mr. Big Stuff as the beginning of a outdoor gear products company that is “bringing the fun back to outdoor gear,” according to their news release.

If the Kickstarter is any indication, Wildish is well on its way. The rewards include a (likely virtual) high five from Rick for those who donate $5, and a real-life M.C. Hammie for those who kick in $84 to $99, depending on when you contribute. If you’re feeling exceptionally inspired, anyone who donates $3,000 will win a Bend Dream Getaway, hosted by co-founder Adam and Rick themselves. Tempted?

The Kickstarter campaign runs through the end of the month. Good luck Wildish!