When you talk to startup founders about starting companies in Bend, they’ll often remark on how collaborative the town is — people are frequently generous with their time and the entrepreneurs often support each other. A recent partnership between startups Hydaway and Cairn shows this in action.

Cairn, which recently closed a $1.7 million funding round, offers a monthly subscription box for outdoor enthusiasts. And March’s box features the Hydaway bottle, a collapsible reusable water bottle that raised $263,000 on Kickstarter last year.

Cairn's March box fea. Hydaway bottle. Bend startups!
Cairn’s March box fea. Hydaway bottle. Bend startups!

“I’m excited to be working with another Central Oregon business, to offer CAIRN’s subscribers an honest solution to wasteful bottled water. I’ve been talking with CAIRN since both our businesses were just concepts on how to make it work, and that day has finally come,” says Niki Singlaub, HYDAWAY’s founder.

Cairn’s subscribers receive a box with a sampling of new brands and products in the outdoor and recreational industry each month. Contents of the box are a complete surprise to the recipient; so only those for whom the Hydaway bottle is the best fit will receive the product. Cairn also gives companies featured in its boxes, the opportunity to get feedback from its customers.

“Another reason why our customers should be excited about this partnership is that we are going to get valuable product insights from Cairn’s subscribers that will help us to make Hydaway even better for the outdoor community,” Singlaub says.

You can still sign up for CAIRN’s March box.

Meanwhile Hydaway is also available as six local stores: Newport Ave Market, OutsideIn, Hopscotch Kids, Postal Connections-East Bend, Via Delia, and Visit Bend. The product is currently featured on the Grommet, and of course on the Hydaway website.