Smartwaiver, a Bend tech company that specializes in digital liability waivers, announced today that its been acquired. The move provides an exit for co-founder and CEO Mark Silliman, who started the company four years ago. He says that Smartwaiver will remain in Bend, however, the company will have new leadership.

Silliman posted this on the company’s blog:

Today I’m excited to announce that Smartwaiver has received a new round of investment that will enable the company and the product to soar to that next level!  With this investment, a new, seasoned executive and development team will be coming on board and I will be passing the torch to a new CEO.

Tod Bloxham will be the company’s new CEO. He is a 20+ year veteran in the outdoor industry and one of Smartwaiver’s first customers.  Tod will oversee the business operations and guide the company’s ambitious expansion plans, Silliman says.

Smartwaiver’s new CTO is Ted Knudsen, a developer with 20+ years programming for startups and Fortune 1000 companies. Ted will be in charge of development, infrastructure and feature enhancements. Smartwaiver’s Co-founder Andy Laakmann will continue to act as technical and business advisor.

Silliman says he’ll work with the company for another few months and then move onto to other ventures. He declined to provide additional details due to NDAs. Congrats Smartwaiver!