Is there a thing that you want to do — that you dream of doing — and yet you don’t know how to start? Then you’re going to want to join us for the Muse Women’s Conference Salon Series Startups conversation, featuring four inspiring women from Bend’s startup community, on March 4th.

For 90 minutes we’re going to talk — and listen and dig and question — about what it truly means to start something: how you turn an idea into something real, how you wrap your brain around the risk, how you stay motivated, how you conquer self doubt and how get up when you’ve been knocked down.

As successful entrepreneurs, the women on this panel have experienced all of this and more. They’ve graciously agreed to share their stories, offer their wisdom and take your questions. The panelists are:

Can you say power panel? I get the pleasure of facilitating the conversation. I wish we could talk all day. You can purchase tickets now for the startups salon conversation, and be sure to check out the other salons, which cover topics of creativity, media, motherhood and the status of women in Oregon.

The conversation series is part of the World Muse Conference, which runs from March 4 through March 6 with multiple events in Bend. Hope to see you there!