The amount of information about all the amazing places you could visit is a bit of a blessing and curse. Sure, you can research just about anywhere, but the vast quantities of websites, lists, articles and more can be overwhelming and lead to analysis paralysis. Even when it comes to fun.

Shannon Enete started Adventure Guru with the hopes of cutting through all the noise and making travel planning easier. Adventure Guru, which launched this week, is a video-based map of hikes, caves, hot springs and more. You can click on a place — say Belknap Hot Springs — and instantly see what it’s like. Each video is less than a minute and you can sort the map by what you like to do.

And rest assured, Shannon is no stranger to adventures or traveling. She spent seven years exploring the world and writing travel guides, after working as a paramedic for a decade.

While the map is handy for outdoorsy folks like me looking for someplace new to go, Shannon is also planning to work with tourism and visitor centers, conferences, chamber of commerce and other organizations that benefit from tourism dollars.

Her ultimate goal? Getting more people outside in nature, and then teaching them how to preserve and protect these beautiful places. Good luck Shannon!