For the third year, I’ve been lucky enough to help facilitate one of the community salon discussions for the upcoming Muse Women’s Conference. This year we are talking with women who have reinvented themselves — how they did it, their challenges and the unexpected outcomes.

The talk, scheduled for 9 a.m. this Friday, will feature Zilaida Salgueiro, founder of Locals Compass; Summer Robbins, owner of Summer Robbins Flowers and Wendy McCall, a strategic planning consultant and avid nonprofit board member and volunteer.

I’ve had the chance to interview each of them and to a one, their stories are inspiring and their wisdom and advice helpful, actionable and real. Their catalysts for reinvention are rooted in various things from personal tragedy to frustration with the  status quo. And the changes they made to their lives were varied, creative and surprising.

So whether you find yourself stuck and needing a little nudge–or you simply love a great conversation–then join us Friday morning! All are welcome.

If you’re going to Saturday’s Muse Conference, then you’ll also get the chance to see Julie Harrelson, fund manager of Cascade Angels, on stage. I’m thrilled to be able to interview Julie about women and entrepreneurship and how people can take more of an entrepreneurial approach to their own lives, even if they’re not starting a business.

What’s Muse? From the conference website:

The annual Muse Women’s Conference brings together local women and teens with internationally recognized artists, authors, athletes, entrepreneurs, activists, and social change leaders.

Here are the details for Friday …

Muse Salon
Women Who Reinvent Themselves
Friday, March 2
9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Liberty Theater (next door to Tower)
Tickets are $10 online

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