April 12, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Fuse Creativity Consulting Office
19855 4th Street
Kathy Hoyt
Monkey Masterminds April - The Neurology of "Play"! @ Fuse Creativity Consulting Office |  |  |

The Neurology of “Play”!
Explore the fusion of your unique neurology and “Play” with Denise Palermo
How the lost art of “Play” is a powerful pathway to regaining your vitality & health. How it can be used as a tool for increasing strength & mobility, improving balance & visual skills, reducing the experience of pain, and expanding athletic abilities.

Denise will show you how to tap into your unique neurology via “play” to stimulate these pathways as a method to improve how we move and how we feel in our bodies, and also as a way to create social connection.

We will play several interactive games that will take our learning and put it into a real experience of your unique neurology. We can expect to create instantly improved movement coordination, balance, speed, mobility and pain reduction…and fun!