October 12, 2018 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Fuse Creativity Consulting Office
19855 4th St Suite 104
Bend, OR 97703
Fuse Creativity Consulting

MONKEY (Buddha believed that the human mind is filled with drunken monkeys jumping and flinging themselves from tree branches and chattering nonstop—essentially that our minds are in constant motion.) MASTERMIND (a person who supplies directing or creative intelligence.)

MONKEY MASTERMINDS is a social occasion for fun inspiring speakers and audience members to talk about passionate, inventive, creative, and imaginative ideas about products, business, hobbies, & life. It’s your chance to try something new or chill back in your chair with your wine and appetizers with an intriguing small group on a Friday night in comfy cozy Tumalo. Bring a friend or a date, or come with your lil’ ol’ self.

$25 per person (covers appetizers, coffee and activity)

Sign up by October 10th—limited to the first 20 people!

Bring your own monkey wine or beer, we provide the awesome appetizers and coffee, the Mastermind guest speaker plus a fun innovative activity. Our goal is to inspire innovative thinking and action, develop awareness of the creative efforts of the community around us, and offer fun ways to explore yourself and others through discussion and activities. This is no plain old passive lecture series—you’ll leave inspired and energized!

Friday, October 12th

Marda Stoliar, Culinary Genius of the International School of Baking in Bend

Marda will talk about her passion for beauty and food, how her love for baking has lifted people from despair around the world, and her influence on some of our local restaurants. We will discuss her successes and challenges with a creative career—starting with a Buster Brown shoe factory at age 22. She will lead us in a fun foodie activity that gets you up out of your chair!
A baking educator and consultant on designing, opening, and operating bakeries, I have run the International School of Baking since 1985. In my career, I have worked as a baking consultant in Asia and North America, Europe, Africa and South and Central America.
Students from around the globe travel to study with me for days or weeks at a time. They come from wartorn countries, wealthy neighborhoods in the U.S., countries with repressive regimes, first and third world countries, and places in between. After I train these students, I ensure that each and every one is successful by traveling to their home base and guiding them in the design and implementation of bakeries. Students find that I have a creative & resourceful approach to working around limitations and challenges that these aspiring bakers face in their home countries or cities.
The International School of Baking trains each student to step into a professional bakery fully prepared, and offers invaluable resources for continued education, inspiration and reference.

”There are a few ounces of creativity in every one of us. We all need to reach that creative center in order to share”………..Marda Stoliar