Last week FoundersPad announced the formation of its new fund. This week that fund announced its first investment in ZeroTransform, a Bend-based virtual reality gaming startup. To quote our good friend Ferris Bueller, life moves pretty fast.

FoundersPad has actually been mentoring ZeroTransform for the past year. The early-stage venture fund joins other investors in the startup, including Bend-based Cascade Angels. Neither fund announced investment amounts, but ZeroTransform COO Scott Bayless told the Bulletin earlier this year that he was hoping to complete a $500,000 round by November.

Justin Moravetz, founder Zero Transform
From FoundersPad:
“This is an exciting market with a tremendous amount of potential. ZeroTransform has not only been an innovator in bringing immersive cinematic VR games to life, but is well positioned to be one of the premier game developers in this emerging market,” says Chris Capdevila, Principal at FoundersPad. “With the VR hardware wars heating up, significant improvement in the user experience and dropping prices, VR gaming is becoming a sought-after reality for the mass market.”
Justin Moravetz, ZeroTransform Founder and CEO, is exceptionally passionate about VR and talking to him about it can’t help but make you excited for the future. Here he is in the FoundersPad news release:
“Virtual Reality brings people closer than ever before into a world beyond imagination. Human perception can be seamlessly integrated into a digital existence. Never before has 3D content been so physical and so immersive than in VR. We are at the forefront of innovation in uncharted territory where new experiences are waiting to be invented. Dreams become reality and reality becomes dreams,” Moravetz says.
FoundersPad reports that ZeroTransform dove into the holiday season with an enhanced version of Proton Pulse on Sony’s PlayStation VR, which is prominently featured in the PlayStation VR store. Rounding out the holiday releases is Pulsar for Facebook’s Oculus Rift, who sought out ZeroTransform to develop the game to support the launch of their new Touch controllers.
When FoundersPad first started working with Moravetz, they recruited Bayless, who had extensive experience in the gaming industry, as a key member of the mentor team. Midway through the mentoring process, Bayless joined the startup as COO, according to the FoundersPad release.
Bayless observes, “I’ve seen many teams struggle with that first transition from a great concept to a real product backed by goals, a strategy and a plan with focused execution. FoundersPad has been a tremendous source of insight, feedback and operational experience for ZeroTransform during that transition.”
“This is what the FoundersPad model is all about,” says Jason Moyer, Fund Manager at FoundersPad, “We identify the key areas where the start-up needs help and use our extensive network to find the right people to propel them to the next level.”
Congrats to the ZeroTransform team. Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2017.

Kelly Kearsley

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