FoundersPad, Bend’s startup accelerator, is now offering workshops for entrepreneurs and professionals in addition to its traditional accelerator programs.

The workshops will be interactive, one- and two-day workshops on topics such as data science, developing go-to-market strategies, UX design as well as marketing-oriented courses such as developing demand generation strategies.

FoundersPad’s first workshop, scheduled for Monday Sept 22nd, on data science. What is data science? By now, most people are familiar with the term “Big Data.” Big Data is a catch-all term for collecting data — information about your customers that provide insight to provide them with a better experience, or to target them with additional, relevant products and services. As collecting data becomes more mainstream, data scientists are in demand and becoming critical to businesses across industries. You have data or are thinking about collecting data…now what do you do with it?

The workshop is designed specifically for non-data scientists: managers and executives that want to learn more about the field and how to apply it to their businesses. The one-day course will be taught by a data science expert, John Schmitt. John is a Princeton PhD and data scientist for Bend Research. He  also has an extensive university teaching background. Joining John will be Matt Abrams, a FoundersPad mentor, Oracle executive and another data science expert.

Workshop details and how to register are on the FoundersPad website. The course is limited to 20 participants and is expected to fill up quickly. Also: If you have other ideas for workshop topics or want to lend your expertise to a workshop, then let FoundersPad know.