I read the name of Pam Stevenson’s upcoming workshop,”Power Pitching to Investors” and I felt like I wanted to high five someone. Maybe that someone is you. That’s because if you’re fundraising, you want to learn how to POWER PITCH.

And as a veteran Bend Venture Conference pitch coach Pam can teach you. She’s offering a three-hour workshop Tuesday, Sept. 5 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. There’s a few slots left, so sign up asap. From Pam’s website:

Pam will be joined by Doug Layman, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who will share his war stories and practical wisdom. Layman was founder and President of Kadix Systems, which he grew from an initial investment of $100 to a company with 350+ employees and over $50 million in annual revenue. This workshop will focus on preparing entrepreneurs for pitching to Cascade Angels, Seven Peaks Ventures, Bend Venture Conference, Pub Talk or other angel or venture capital funds or conferences.

Only about one out of every ten pitches to angels gets funded.  How do you increase your odds and make sure you are the one? A Power Pitch grabs attention, tells a compelling story and seals the deal with Wow! Factor. In this engaging workshop, you will learn how to develop and deliver a pitch that is irresistible to investors.

Feel the power! Be the power! Over the course of one evening, you’ll learn:

  • The SMART Framework-assess and optimize your underlying business opportunity
  • The Anatomy of an Angel– know your audience
  • The Power Pitch Canvas– the key elements of a winning investor pitch
  • How to add Wow! Factor to any presentation
  • The Fundability Formula for an investor-ready entrepreneur

This interactive workshop will incorporate hands-on exercises and practice with real pitches. Entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to work on their pitch, receive feedback and walk out with the ingredients for their own Power Pitch.

Check out Pam’s website for more information and sign-up.

This could be you. via GIPHY