3D technologies are rapidly democratizing the prototyping process. If you have a new idea that you hope to turn into a real product, check out the next two events at the High Desert Maker Mill.

There always seems to be a de facto standard for software applications that becomes ubiquitous –  Photoshop for image editing, Excel for spreadsheets, and now SolidWorks for 3D solid modeling. The company was initially funded by winnings from MIT’s infamous blackjack team, and is now a leading CAD program in the world.


The presentation, on Monday July 20th from 7-8pm, will cover an introduction to the software, and what it can do for single users and larger enterprises. Presenter Mark Christiansen also loaned a massive Gigabot 3D printer to the High Desert Maker Mill.

Next Month, Portland company Digital Scan 3D will showcase the capability and applications of high end, highly accurate, and very quick 3D Scanning. Check out the cool video here for a preview. President Obama recently sat for the first 3D presidential portrait by the company’s handheld Artec Eva Scanner. Digital Scan 3D Lead Engineer Richman Siansimbi will lead the talk and technology demo at the Maker Mill on August 10th from 6-8pm.