The BEST thing about this town is it’s generous and kind community, and we in particular love our coworkers at BendTECH. That’s why it’s been an especially hard week, watching BendTECH’s own manager Jessica Hutchison, a native of Sonoma County, grapple with the news of the fires ravaging her hometown.

She’s felt helpless trying to connect with family from afar, wondering how she could help and whether to stay here or head home to Windsor. We’ve felt awful as well, hearing about the devastation her family, friends and community are facing. Jessica left for Sonoma this morning, but not before asking if it would be possible to round up a few supplies to donate to the shelters now housing so much of her community?

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Yes. Yes it’s possible. Let’s do this. Jessica’s fiance, Connor, plans to meet her in Sonoma this weekend. Let’s fill his truck with the items that Sonoma residents need most. See the list below and bring what you can to BendTECH Wednesday (that’s today) and Thursday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. BendTECH is located in the 1001 Tech Center at 1001 SW Emkay.

Jessica and Connor plan to donate any items received to shelters at the Luchesi Center and the Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds. Everything helps. Let’s do this friends.

What’s needed in highest demand:
Air Mattresses and cots
Phone Chargers
Dry and Canned Pet Food (Dog, Cat, Kitten)
Animal crates and carriers small and large
Dog Bowls (Any bowls for food and water)
Can Openers
Other pet supplies
(litter, bedding, leashes, collars)
Baby Strollers
Baby Carriers
Personal Protection Equipment
(Masks, latex gloves, etc.)
Duct Tape
Other items:
Non-perishable food items (that don’t need to be cooked)
Can Openers
Camp stoves
Personal hygiene products
(toothbrushes, tooth paste, deodorant, baby wipes, soap, etc)
Diapers in all sizes
Baby Food
New Socks
New Underwear
Toilet Paper
Feminine Hygiene Products
Bandaids, Antibacterial Ointment, Etc.
Duffle Bags
Children’s books
Coloring Books
Coloring supplies

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