If you’ve ever tried to send a screenshot via Slack, you’re gonna like this next development. Droplr, based in Bend and one of our #50startups, announced that it’s launching a new app today that “gives Slack super powers.”

Called Screenbot, this official Slack integration allows users to send screenshots, screencasts and annotations via Slack with a simple slash command, eliminating the previously required, multi-step process.

“ … Screenbot eliminates confusion and enables users to get their point across efficiently while increasing productivity,” says Levi Nunnink, CTO and founder of Droplr.

According to the company’s news release, the Droplr folks got the idea for Screenbot after they realized how many times a day they were sharing screenshots and annotations on Slack. So in total startup fashion, they decided to build a solution.

Now after four months of beta testing and 22 iterations, the cake is baked. And you can try it for free here. A pro upgrade of Screenbot is available for $5.00/month, which includes unlimited sharing, custom themes and domains, and secure privacy settings for sensitive data.

Droplr has targeted creatives — at ad agencies and in house creative departments — as the prime market for its original easy file sharing service. The company now claims 500,000 users, with 250 people signing up each day. The Screenbot app gives them, and a broader Slack audience, another tool aimed at making workplace communication easier.

The company was founded in 2009 as a solution to another problem, a dearth of simple ways to email large files. The startup has since raised more than $850,000 from investors including Bend-based Seven Peaks Ventures and Cascade Angels.

Last year, Droplr hired a new CEO, Gray Skinner, who is a Portland Incubator Experiment alum, former chief operating officer of Executive Stamina and a professional triathlete. We’re hoping to catch up with him soon. If we can … he probably runs fast … this joke is trying too hard … point being: Stay tuned.