My BendTECH inbox overfloweth with news and job openings and hirings. So we’re taking all these little bits and putting them into one glorious, shining, don’t-look-straight-at-it-because-you-might-go-blind NEWS AND JOBS ROUNDUP. Try to keep calm.

First up, news.

Odysys continues to hire, bringing on Isaac Harris as a Customer Success Manager. A Bend native, Harris was formerly the account manager of partnerships and strategic alliances for Warren Miller Entertainment. The startup also hired web developer Max Skala, who comes to Bend from Boston, where he was a student at Northeastern University. And last but not least, Eric Freed, joined Odysys earlier this month as the company’s senior web applications developer. Freed, also a Bend native, was previously at Five Talent.

Meanwhile whurk has not one, but five, summer interns, hailing from schools all over the country including Ohio State, University of Denver, Princeton and University of Oregon. According to the Twitter, in addition to working hard, they’re also exceptionally talented at corn hole.

There’s also two new co-working spaces forming in Bend. One is The Wilds, a co-working space for creatives, located in the Century Center. Another, called The Bridge, is on SE Bridgeford and includes a mix of light industrial and office space. More on those to come.

Finally, ICYMI there’s a free food biz bootcamp coming to town this Sunday, and two events regarding 3D Technologies organized by the High Desert Maker Mill next week.

Phew! Now: jobs.

Despite the fact that it’s beautiful outside every single day and no one should be working on anything except how to get your buns into an inner tube without dropping your beer in the lake or getting lake in your beer, Bend tech companies and startups continue to hire.That’s just like them.

Some new jobs on the board include:

Alright that’s all I got. Next week we have more #50startups headed up your way. In the meantime, summer on.

Kelly Kearsley

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Kelly Kearsley