Just in case you missed it, Niki Singlaub, founder of the Hydaway Bottle really, truly killed (in a good way) Kickstarter. His fundraising campaign for a collapsible water bottle ended Friday with $263,086 in total from 5,783 backers. Singlaub had set the campaign’s goal of $20,000 and did a lot of preparation to ensure he got there. 


He got off to a great start, meeting his goal within the first 27 hours. And then things really took off, thanks in part to some great media and of course super enthusiastic supporters (just take a gander at the comments section of the Hydaway Kickstarter).

Less than 1% of Kickstarter projects launched last year raised more than $100,000, according to Kickstarter’s own statistics. It was fun to watch a campaign take off and we’ll keep you posted on Hydaway’s (one of our #50startups) growth. For those who missed the campaign, but still want a Hydaway Bottle, the website is taking pre-orders.