The Technology Association of Oregon has whipped up a fun little event that everyone should go to on Aug. 17. Side note: It’s right before the end of times — also known as the eclipse — and it might be the last time you can get out of your house for days. Anyways, Ignite: TAO is a fun-filled evening featuring 11 speakers, each with five minutes to give a talk on a tech-related topic.

Our friends at TAO (hi Teri!) describe it as “a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by local people who have a burning idea and the guts to get onstage and share their personal and professional passions. Quick, fun, thought-provoking, social, local, and global – Ignite is all of these and more.”

Twist Cocktails will be pouring drinks. And you’ll get the opportunity to learn about all sorts of things from how techies prepare for the aforementioned eclipse (or the Eclipse-pocalypse as we like to call it) to alternative agriculture to rebooting your frontal lobe and much more. The speakers include startup founders, cybersecurity experts and tech employees working right here in Bend. Here’s the full list:

  • David Haines – Intern Coordinator
  • David Kelbaugh – Your Logo’s Great, How’s Your Brand?
  • David Welton – Keeping a Tech Hub Affordable
  • Jeff Tiegs – Pimps and Predators in Central Oregon
  • Kerri Fry – CEO’s and CFO’s – Cybersecurity is Revenue Generating
  • Mark Beare – Race Photos Suck
  • Mike Kentley – Welcome to the Revolution: Technology That Adapts to YOU
  • Scot Brees – Eclipse Preparedness: Why Techies Make the Best Superheroes
  • Todd Loby – BendFilm, Inc.
  • Tony Kay – Building Alternative Agriculture
  • Zilaida Salgueiro – Frontal Lobe Reboot: How Exercising Pattern Recognition Leads to Innovation

You’ll hear about all sorts of ideas and meet new people that you could even re-connect with later — if we survive this pending major astronomical event. Odds are pretty 50/50. But if everything goes south, at least we’ll go out inspired.


You need to register to attend. You can buy your tickets here.

Ignite: TAO
Aug. 17
5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
OSU Cascased
Tykeson Hall

Kelly Kearsley

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Kelly Kearsley