The Computer Science program at OSU Cascades is looking for software professionals who are interested in teaching comp sci courses. Program director Marc Rubin notes that this is a great way to meet students for internships and/or future employment. And who knows, you just might change a few lives in the process.

In particular, the program is seeking someone to teach its Operating Systems II course this Spring. The course is prepped and can be made to fit an adjunct’s schedule. Here are the details:

OSU Cascades seeks passionate software professionals who are interested in teaching the next generation of computer scientists. Do you have a graduate degree in computer science (or related field) and are interested in teaching as a part-time adjunct at OSU-Cascades?  If so, please contact Dr. Rubin at [email protected].

The CS program at OSU Cascades is most certainly a key element of building out Bend’s tech community. Rubin says there are currently 43 students in the program. There are a dozen “dedicated and motivated first-year students taking our introductory comp sci sequence in Python in the Fall and then C++ in the Winter and Spring,” Rubin reports.

The program has incorporated graphics and physical computing into the homework and lab assignments as well to “show that computer science can be more than just text on screen,” he adds. Also exciting: the senior capstone project at Cascades is something different from the traditional capstone sequence at the Corvallis campus. Instead of working on ready-made projects from industry partners, the comp sci students are collaborating with business students to research and develop a startup idea over the course of the year.

The students take a course called web-based startup project, which is cross listed with another course called venture management, which focuses on entrepreneurship and the Lean Startup method, Rubin says. At the end of this term, the best team project will be selected as the capstone that the CS students will then work on throughout the Winter and Spring.

That’s what we call learning. Love it.


Kelly Kearsley

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Kelly Kearsley