One of the oldest image formats on the web, and the subject of pronunciation controversy, the GIF is enjoying a renaissance in our meme-fueled internet culture. ScaleHouse and Caldera are hosting a workshop January 24th, so you can join in on the fun, be as hip as John Boehner channeling Taylor Swift, join the leagues of Benedict Cumberbatch fans, or make masterpieces like this.


The course will be instructed by Caldera Artist in Residence John Whitten. So you’ll probably also learn to make more classy GIFs too, like the one for Bend’s entry in the New York Times 52 Places to Go in 2015.

Hosts: ScaleHouse & Caldera

When: Saturday, January 24th 11am – 2pm

Cost: $25

Location: TBD Loft 1000 NW Wall upstairs

More information:

Tierney O'Dea

Tierney O’Dea is a writer and media consultant. She started her career at NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and worked in various forms of media for national organizations including Scholastic, Yahoo, and NASA. She also served as an executive for two startups, and Medic Mobile, and as a mentor for entrepreneurs in Austin, TX. In her free time, she enjoys downhill skiing, hiking, photography, and astronomy.
Tierney O'Dea