By Julie Harrelson
Harrelson Group CEO and Cascade Angels fund manager

I recently attended the Angel Capital Association Summit in San Diego. With over 600 delegates, we covered everything angel investment. During the Summit, I presented a session on Best Practices in forming Angel Groups.

In the group of 50 that attended the session, by far, the biggest concerns expressed were recruiting and engaging angels and quality of deal flow. You might ask, what makes a great angel and what makes a great investment? I’ve distilled it down to a few key things:

  • What makes a great angel is an ability to invest, to collaborate, to participate in due diligence and to support the investment.
  • What makes a great investment is a coachable executive team, a product that solves a problem (and that people will buy!) and a reasonable expectation of return.

It was good to see Oregon’s own Rob Wiltbank at the conference. Rob, Angel Research Institute (ARI) Vice Chairman of Research, presented the most recent Halo Report results, which track angel investing around the country.

His assessment: Everything is up and to the right. The good news coming out of the ARI 2014 Halo Report is that valuations are larger, deal sizes are up and angel investing is expanding.

And Cascade Angels is following the same trend. We continue to expand. Based on global best practices in angel investment, our second statewide fund in Central Oregon, managed by Harrelson Group, is a group of experienced angels.  The fund is currently seeking launch stage companies to apply for funding. We are seeing great deal flow this year, and currently have an application period open for launch stage companies.

In addition to running her company and managing Cascade Angels, Harrelson also emcees EDCO’s Central Oregon Pub Talks. See her there tonight! 

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