Mark you calendar for Wednesday, July 11, because there’s a free speaker series launching with a great topic. The 1001 Tech Center is hosting a talk by Kris Prochaska, a business consultant, therapist and Tedx speaker, on how companies can create a better culture.

Kris will discuss how founders can create an environment where people want to give their best. The talk will tackle what it takes “to create a culture and environment where people feel valued, engaged and want to create and innovate with you,” according to the 1001 Tech Center.

Kris Prochaska will lead a discussion on culture next Wednesday.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to know whether your culture hip and cool or is it actually meaningful, and why it matters.
  • How to prevent and recover from disengagement in the workplace.
  • How to stay competitive in the marketplace, without creating rifts in the workplace.
  • What it takes to design and nurture teams that create and innovate, and stay on the leading edge.

More about Kris:

Kris’ 20+ combined years of experience as a therapist and business consultant help her laser right to the root of an issue and provide her clients effective and practical solutions. She’s been described as an intuitive sharp-shooter who knows exactly what an individual or company needs to eliminate and do more of in order to bring them into alignment for greater purpose, productivity, & profit. Kris’ 2015 TED talk has over 100k views. The principles of her talk on ‘how to get your kids to listen & engage’ hold true in business as well. Kris is also a TEDx speaking coach and the author of Life Well Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice & Prosper.

The event is free, so come and learn more about how you can create a vibrant workplace for your team.

Speaker Series
Kris Prochaska
“Is Your Business an Innovation Incubator: How to Create an Environment Where Employees Want to Give Their Best.”
Wednesday, July 11th
The 1001 Tech Center @ 1001 SW Emkay Dr.
5 pm Happy Hour
5:30 Kris speaks + QA
7pm Wrap up
Questions? Contact [email protected]

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