Do you want the chance to win money for exercising, eating healthy or even sleeping? KrowdFit, a Bend-based fitness tech startup, has created a wellness reward program that offers cash prizes — with winners drawn at random — to participants.

The company recently announced that it had partnered with Oregon Metro to offer its corporate wellness program to government personnel. Beginning this month, Metro’s 1,600-plus employees will be eligible for KrowdFit’s weekly, monthly and quarterly cash rewards of up to $5,000.


However, CEO Jim Miller says the fun — and prizes — aren’t reserved for corporate employees. Individuals can participate too. The startup’s release of its iOS and Droid apps earlier this month make it that much easier.

Krowdfit CEO Jim Miller. Photo courtesy of Krowdfit.
KrowdFit CEO Jim Miller. Photo courtesy of KrowdFit.

So how does it all work? KrowdFit holds regular challenges for cash prizes. For instance, you can receive one entry for every meal you log into weekly drawing for $125. There are 12 winners each week.

In another challenge, you can earn one entry for every hour of exercise you log into a quarterly drawing for $5,000. You can also win cash for sleeping (sign me up!) and tracking your steps. You don’t have to be the best at a challenge or lose the most weight. You just have to participate.

“You can come in, drop out, come back in,” Miller says. “It’s entirely up to you how you play the game.”

The money for the prizes comes from a portion of people’s KrowdFit memberships. Companies that use the platform may also run their own internal challenges.

Miller and the company’s CTO, Shawn Beach, relocated to Bend from Seattle. Though the rest of company’s executives and team are in Portland and the Puget Sound area, Miller says the plan is to grow the startup’s presence here. “We wanted to be in Bend because so many people are already living the healthy lifestyle that KrowdFit promotes,” he says.


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