Your pitch is what spurs investments, turns prospects into clients and helps you recruit the best team. Now you can ensure that it’s top notch. EDCO has teamed up with Diane Allen, one of the pitch coaches for the Bend Venture Conference finalists, to offer Allen’s winning-pitch secrets to all Bend startup founders.

“As a pitch coach, I’ve devised this program to make sure that founders are fully supported to develop their pitch, so that investors get the information they need, and so that no great idea gets left behind,” says Allen, who together with Pam Stevenson, has helped numerous BVC startups improve their pitch.

The  workshop series, Spring Training: Hone Your Pitch to Win the Game, begins in February and runs through April. The four workshops:

  • Be Your Brand – February 18, 2 pm to 5pm
    Be the face and voice of your business
    Exude confidence naturally
    How to build trust when you speak
  • The Elevator Pitch – March 10, 2 pm to 5pm
    Build recognition
    Be likable as you toot your horn
    Make a great impression as you “ask”
  • The Customer Traction Pitch – March 31, 2 pm to 5pm
    Enroll fans, clients and customers
    Turn sales dread into joy
    Gain validation & traction
  • The Investor Pitch – April 21, 2 pm to 5pm
    Exude confidence naturally
    Slam dunk your Q. & A.
    Build investor trust


The workshops cost $100 each, or $300 for all four. Beyond creating the best pitch possible right now, the process of improving your pitch can help you identify information gaps that need addressing and give you a system to use repeatedly.

Diane Allen talking pitches.
Diane Allen talking pitches.

According to Brian Vierra, EDCO’s venture catalyst, one of the key differentiating factors of the Bend Venture Conference is the quality of the pitches that are delivered by the finalists.

“Diane has been the secret sauce behind making sure these pitches are the best they can be. The result has been world-class angel and venture pitches from some of the most exciting startups in the region,” he says.

So you’re out of excuses. Get to spring training!



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