Binary Star Systems, a Bend-based startup focused on creating apps that promote interaction with people, launched a culinary competition app today. Called FoodFu, the app lets you create a Chopped-like experience in your own kitchen.

The app is now available in App Store. And Binary Star Systems co-founder Lisa Sipe will also debut FoodFu tonight at the Night Light Show with Shanan Kelley. Chefs Amy Wright (Sunny Yoga Kitchen) and Anna Witham (The Root Cellar) will battle it out using the app to guide their competition.

The show is at 7:40 p.m. at the Tin Pan Theater.

So how does FoodFu work? According to the FoodFu news release, FoodFu users need a kitchen and at least four people to divide into two chefs, two judges and one Emcee (who can also be a judge).Users choose an ingredient, like carrots or bacon (obviously if that’s the choice, we choose bacon). They can click the random ingredient generator button.


When the chefs are ready to play the emcee presses start. The chefs then have 45 minutes to prepare a dish highlighting the featured ingredient. Throughout the game the emcee asks the chefs and judges stimulating questions prompted by FoodFu. When time is up the chefs describe their dishes to the judges. The judges taste both dishes and anonymously rate the chefs based on plating, taste, creativity and use of the featured ingredient. FoodFu tallies the results and announces the winner. The results can be instantly shared via email, message, or posted to Facebook.

The app’s features also include:  

  • Rematches. Users can immediately set up another battle to try and retain their title or get a win.
  • Users can schedule battles and send invitations to friends.
  • Four to five people play but only one person needs FoodFu on their iPhone.

“FoodFu was born because we were looking for something fun to do with our family over the holidays. We realized everyone loves to hang out with friends/family, cook or eat so we turned that into a game with something for everyone,” Sipe says.