Founder Zilaida Salgueiro first publicly pitched her startup idea, an online marketplace for personalized travel itineraries, at the unConference last October. That event was at The Capitol in downtown Bend, and Zilaida was back at the same place last night, hosting a launch party for her company, Locals Compass. What can we say? She moves fast.

The party was a great celebration of bringing an idea to life, and Zilaida took the chance to thank many people, note the joy of launching and take a quick pause before the work ahead.

Zilaida Salgueiro, founder of Locals Compass.

If you’ve ever had the experience of asking locals for recommendations for restaurants, outings and more while you’re traveling, then you’ll get Locals Compass. The startup aims to tap into the knowledge of locals, who will offer personalized itineraries that meet travelers needs. You can read profiles of locals and their interests, and then request a one or multi-day itinerary based on your preferences and their insider tips. Locals Compass is already offering the service for people traveling to Bend. If you have guests headed this way or want to try it out, enter the discount code LAUNCH and you’ll receive 50% off.

The startup plans to launch in Portland and Seattle within the next few months, and eventually establish a wide range of domestic and international destinations. Looking forward to seeing what’s next; and happy to take time out to celebrate how far this founder has come. Congrats!



Kelly Kearsley

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