Does money buy happiness? No, people it does not. But it can get your startup another developer or fund a production run of your product, and sometimes, that’s just what you need. And if you happen to be looking for investment, then consider applying for Cascade Angels’ second funding round of the year.

From Cascade Angels:

Entrepreneurs seeking investment capital have an opportunity to present their early stage businesses for growth to Cascade Angels. Cascade Angels Fund 2017, LLC (“Cascade Angels Fund 2017” or the “Fund”) has opened up its second application period, which runs from April 4 to May 1, 2017. Entrepreneurs interested in applying can do so via

The Fund anticipates additional application rounds in the coming months and investing in 4-7 companies in 2017. Typical investments are made in early stage, Oregon-based companies from any industry. Investments are anticipated to range from $100,000 to $250,000.

Cascade Angels Fund is now in its fourth year. The Fund’s mission is to create regional opportunities for investors and businesses to drive economic growth and fuel prosperity. The Fund’s profile on includes additional information regarding its purpose, mission and goals. Since 2014, Cascade Angels Fund has invested nearly $2M in 13 companies, all of which are still in operation and cumulatively employ over 100 people, according to the news release.

“We’ve already had one application period this year and were impressed with the quality of the companies coming through,” says Julie Harrelson, CEO of Harrelson Group Inc., Fund Manager for Cascade Angels. “As always, our focus is to generate returns for investors, while also positively impacting job creation and economic development in our region.”

An entrepreneur, investor and leader in Oregon’s startup community, Julie co-founded Cascade Angels Fund in Bend in 2013. She was recently named “Woman of the Year” by the Bend Chamber for the difference she has made in the business community.

Finally, if you actually are looking for happiness — with or without funds — we humbly offer this. (At some point, we will tire of dog gifs. But not for awhile).


Kelly Kearsley

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Kelly Kearsley