A team of students led by Adam Krynicki, executive director of the OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab, has created a comprehensive list of the resources available for Oregon startups. 

Called the Oregon Startup Checklist, the document is a “centralized, online resource that helps entrepreneurs find help, funding, and tools. Unlike traditional business books that can be hundreds of pages long, this document is an intense, 20+  page look at what it takes to start and grow a business. Unlike blogs and other online resources, it covers a wide variety of topics all in one place.”

Adam created an initial version of the checklist in 2010 while living in Pittsburgh. At the time, it was about five pages long and included a list of common tools for e-commerce companies. He says that over the ensuing years, multiple collaborators, students, and colleagues suggested new resources, which he then added to the checklist. 

Fast forward to this spring and the document gained new life in Oregon. Several OSU-Cascades students edited the startup checklist as part of a Project Management Class  to make it more relevant for businesses here.

According to the checklist introduction:

As part of the project, they surveyed local startups, and found that almost every startup had questions or issues with finding funding. The students  used this information to reorganize the checklist and looked up multiple funding sources in Oregon.  

The OSU-Cascades students also added information about:

  • Where can entrepreneurs learn about registering a business in Oregon?
  • Where can an entrepreneur get help?
  • What funding is available for startups?
  • Where can entrepreneurs find more information about hiring employees?
  • What are some regulatory issues that Oregon startups need to address, and where can entrepreneurs find more information about them?
  • Where can entrepreneurs find out more information about taxes?
  • Where can people find information about local events for innovators and entrepreneurs?

The checklist is a living, changing document. If you have suggestions for resources that should be included you can leave a comment on the document itself.

Thanks to Adam and the students that helped. This is an invaluable resource for our startup community.


Kelly Kearsley

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Kelly Kearsley